Managing the move to hybrid cloud – video

We wanted to share a video from one of our customers, Hymans Robertson, which offers a fascinating look at how a major financial firm can transition their systems from a fully on-premise setup to a hybrid cloud solution. The presentation, filmed at last year’s Microsoft Future Decoded event, features their IT Director, Barry Smart, together …

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Big Data and Business Intelligence

Reading Time: 5 Minutes The government has identified Big Data as one of eight ‘great technologies’ where the UK can lead the world. As a provider of large-scale business intelligence solutions, CompanyNet is very interested in how government and industry can work together to promote the growth, use and public acceptance of systems that make …

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Data Privacy vs Data Security – which is more important?

Reading Time: 4 Minutes What is data privacy, and what are companies doing about it?  Andy Hamilton, Managing Director of CompanyNet, looks at the issues and considers the implications for the cloud. Photo: DSC01245 by Tom Page, used under Creative Commons Data Privacy vs Data Security During a number of conversations recently, I have been …

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