Enabling cloud-based backup and disaster recovery with Azure

Backing up your data is a key part of any business’s disaster recovery strategy. We take a look at how Azure’s cloud backup tools could save your bacon.

Back up with Azure

Most businesses have at least considered what they’d do in the event of a disaster. Many have fully-fledged disaster recovery plans. Microsoft, through its Azure cloud platform, now offers several services that can play a key role in any business’s backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Azure Backup – Microsoft’s core service in the cloud backup area – has developed into a very mature product, and continues to evolve. Used together with System Centre Data Protection Manager and Azure Site Recovery, it provides you with a powerful set of tools that can scale from a few servers to several offices’ worth.

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The Office of Yesterday?

Is your business behind the times? You might not think so, but as Danny Creasy points out, many companies still cling to outdated Office software. Why is it poor practice to rely on old versions of Office, and what can you do to get up-to-date?

We all have software packages we use day in, day out, becoming so familiar that maintaining them stops being a priority. Danny Creasey, our ‎Infrastructure and Azure Consultant, explains why – when it comes to your business’s core software packages – ignorance isn’t always bliss.

It’s easy to forget that all software has a lifecycle – particularly if it keeps on working without causing any issues. A day-to-day workhorse like Microsoft Office can become such an integral part of business life that, ironically, many companies don’t think about keeping it up-to-date.

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