Office 365 Legal Case Management

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What is Office 365 Legal Case Management?

Office 365 Legal Case Management is complete software system that allows Solicitors and Lawyers to automatically integrate and assign client emails to individual cases or matters that they are working on. Office 365 Legal Case Management is based on Microsoft Office 365 email and SharePoint Online.

Office 365 Legal Case Management

Systems designed for enterprise-scale legal departments are not always the best choice for small and medium-sized legal teams.

We developed our Matter Management System (MMS) to fill the gap by utilising the power and adaptability of the Microsoft 365 suite of products to create an effective and user friendly Office 365 Legal Case Management system.

Designed by lawyers and built by CompanyNet’s industry-leading developers, MMS continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of legal teams.

MMS is affordable and won’t disrupt your current working practices.

While it’s designed from the ground up to excel at the tasks most common across legal departments, we recognise that every team works differently.

We’ll work with you to integrate MMS seamlessly with your team’s existing legal systems, preferred workflows and reporting methods.

Benefits of Legal Case Management

  • Everything in one place – MMS keeps every piece of information on a matter in one place, including notes, emails and documents.
  • Instant email logging – Close integration with Microsoft Outlook means every email on a matter can be instantly stored with its record.
  • Annotate documents – Valuable knowledge gained outside of formal documentation can be annotated on existing documents and made immediately available for reference.
  • Evaluate risk from the outset – Calculate contract and litigation risk at the point of matter creation, giving you an instant objective idea of the chance of success and an audit trail of decisions taken.
  • Live monitoring of KPIs – MMS’s dashboard gives you an instant, visual update on your team’s progress..
  • Effortless contract and trademark portfolio management – Store, share, search and annotate digital versions of legal contracts and trademark portfolios.
  • Security Built in – all data held safely and securely in Microsofts world leading storage solutions with the option to customise to your requirements.

MMS gives you the benefits of an off-the-shelf product, with the tailoring and customisation normally reserved for expensive bespoke solutions.

Based on the Microsoft suite of products MMS is affordable, quick to deploy and can be up and running within a few weeks.

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