Business Process Management & Automation

Build solutions that provide a systematic approach to optimising your business processes.

The processes behind your business are what keeps everything running smoothly – but they can also hold you back. Backed by our cross-sector expertise and experience, we will help you take advantage of technology to streamline the way you work.

Democratising Business Process Management with Office 365

Working with organisations like national utility provider Scottish Water, global marine services firm V.Group and Highland Spring, the UK’s leading water bottler, CompanyNet is building a reputation for helping enterprises drive real business value from their Office 365 licenses.

Now our team has successfully combined some of Office 365 platform’s most advanced features to create a powerful, highly-flexible and – most significantly – affordable business process management (BPM) system.

BPM systems typically take existing business processes, and model, optimise and automate them. They involve multiple users at the appropriate stage of the process, and give managers an overview of progress – allowing any snags to be spotted early on.

Product Development (PD) systems

CompanyNet deployed this new Office 365-based solution at Highland Spring, in the form of a product development (PD) system. Moving the process away from emails and multiple spreadsheets to one unified system created a raft of benefits for the company. Decisions taken around product development now follow consistent templates and are better-informed, better-documented and backed up by an evidence trail.

The system gives the business a complete picture of the PD process as it happens, helping them identify potential efficiencies and trouble spots early on. This new level of oversight means the way products are developed has become far more transparent, and the time-to-market for new products can be reduced significantly.

Business Process Modelling

Product development is only one example; virtually any business process can be modelled by this new Office 365-based BPM system. Potential applications include organisations with a regulatory approval process, matter management for in-house legal teams, asset management in the financial sector, and streamlining and automating HR and training processes. Because it uses the rock-solid platform of Office 365, this BPM solution is stable and performant, and can be deployed on an existing tenant.

The advantages for process-driven businesses are obvious. Many of those who could benefit from a BPM system were unable to justify the investment in the past, on grounds of cost and complexity. CompanyNet’s approach changes that. It eliminates the need for additional software licensing beyond Office 365 itself: using standard Office 365 licenses – which many companies will already hold – and inexpensive Microsoft Azure cloud storage means the cost of entry to a BPM solution is significantly reduced.

The affordable initial price, low ongoing costs and high configurability of the system means tailored, relevant and proportionate BPM systems are now available to companies that may previously have walked away when faced with the required spend. By taking advantage of the power of Office 365, our BPM solution democratises this valuable technology, opening the benefits of true business process management to businesses of every size.