Microsoft Viva Insights

Discover more about the Microsoft Viva module Viva Insights and learn how it can help you and your team build better work habits.

What is Viva Insights?

Viva Insights helps individuals and teams build better work habits using actionable recommendations and data-driven insights. Experienced through Microsoft Teams, Outlook and, Viva Insights is privacy-protected, with cloud security and privacy safeguards, so your personalised insights are only visible to you.

What are the benefits of Viva Insights?

Viva Insights is designed to help limit distractions whilst encouraging more reflective and mindful workflow. Burnout is a challenge which many of us face, and this can occur when individuals are not managing their daily tasks in a productive way. To combat this, Viva Insights equips employees with the tools needed to stay on top of daily work objectives whilst making time for wellbeing and mindfulness.

Protect Time

The Protect Time function promotes uninterrupted work flow. Carry out individual tasks without distractions with the Focus Session and Focus Plan features in Microsoft Teams.


Prioritising your wellbeing at work is paramount. Access moments of mindfulness from within your Microsoft Teams environment using the Headspace app to help you stay calm and focused.

Daily Briefing

The Daily Briefing feature is located within your Outlook calendar. It gives you an overview of your daily commitments to help you stay on track of your objectives and manage your time more productively.

Virtual Commute

Working from home brings the additional challenge of striking a healthy balance between work life and personal life. From within the Protect Time function, you can set up a Virtual Commute prompt to help you wrap up your day and switch off from work.

Send Praise

Collaborative working and team building are at the heart of Microsoft Viva. Support your colleagues by sending acclaim privately via Microsoft Teams or show them wider recognition via Microsoft Teams Channels. The Praise feature also lets you send personalised Badges to your peers to express gratitude.


Viva Insights provides valuable insights into various different areas of your organisation. These are:

1. Personal insights
Personal insights help you to understand how you work and what actions you need to take to work better. Receive recommendations on how to work more productively, how to protect your wellbeing and how to manage your time and maintain focus at work. These insights can be accessed in Microsoft Teams, Outlook or in your personal Dashboard.

2. Manager insights
Manager insights offer visibility into work patterns that could potentially be leading to burnout and stress. These insights are designed to help employees strike a perfect balance between productivity and wellbeing. Managers and leaders will be able to see if employees are regularly working overtime, are scheduled in for too many meetings or aren’t taking advantage of Focus Time. Recommendations can then be made accordingly to improve work behaviour.

3. Leader insights
Leader insights offer business leaders an overview into the effects of an organisation’s work culture on employee engagement and organisational resiliency. The Outcomes page allows leaders to action recommendations, or view opportunities where changes could improve business outcomes.

4. Advanced insights

Advanced insights expands on Leader insights, helping business leaders to address critical questions around work culture in order to help them improve business processes and increase employee productivity.

Personal insights are included with Viva Insights, however manager, leader and advanced insights come at an additional cost.

Getting started with Viva Insights

Drop us a line today if you’re keen to get your organisation set up with Viva Insights, and one of our friendly Microsoft experts will be happy to guide you through the process.

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