Microsoft Viva Topics

Discover how Viva Topics can transform the way that you learn, collaborate and engage with content at work.

What is Viva Topics?

Viva Topics is an AI-powered knowledge management platform which uses Microsoft Graph to organise your organisation’s content into topics and Microsoft Search to increase topic discoverability. It enables easier access to knowledge and information in the flow of your team’s day-to-day work. Viva Topics is delivered across Microsoft 365 apps to create a holistic learning environment which fosters collaboration and communication with your team.

What are the benefits of Viva Topics?

Rather than expecting people to find knowledge themselves, Viva Topics lets the knowledge come to you. From within your Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook and Teams, you’ll be able to access Topic Cards, share and display topic highlights, and discover fresh new content which is relevant to your line of work. Viva Topics improves productivity and time management by enabling access to resources, experts and learning materials whilst in the flow of work.  

Direct Flow of Knowledge

Managers can direct the flow of knowledge by curating and editing information on Topic Pages. Customise content, select recommended experts and filter topics to suit your organisation. Access engagement analytics to see key insights around what topics are popular with your team and refine content.

Save Time

Viva Topics is integrated into your Microsoft 365 environment, so your team won’t have to spend time navigating between various browsers and apps to access conversations and resources. This means that more time can be spent on valuable tasks, such as learning, personal development and collaboration.

Customise Content

Customisable content is one of the main perks of Viva Topics. Curate your own Viva Topics experience by manually creating Topic Cards and Topic Pages, which are enhanced by AI technology. You’ll be able to highlight new resources and connections, suggest team members and manage mined and added topics for relevance and accuracy.

What does Viva Topics do?

AI-Enhanced Content

With Viva Topics, human curation and AI work together in harmony to create an enriching experience for end users. AI is used to refine topic pages and automatically generate more relevant content to you. AI technology is also used to organise and protect your organisation’s collective knowledge and information.

Topic Cards & Topic Pages

Access Topic Cards via the Topics app. Hover over a topic to receive an instant summary of it, view key documents and see the top Subject Matter Experts on your Topic Cards. Access Topic Pages for a more detailed view of key information, as well as curated discussions and communities around particular topics.

Suggested Learning Courses

Viva Topics fosters a collaborative learning ecosystem which promotes shared knowledge. In Microsoft Teams, employees can access suggested learning courses via the Topics Centre in the Topics app. Learning courses are suggested based on the topics that employees already follow, resulting in more refined resources and personalised learning materials.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts are able to rapidly share their expertise and curate knowledge through Viva Topics. Employees can easily connect with experts via the Topics app in Teams, submit questions to experts and receive responses. These can be saved and shared with the rest of the organisation to preserve valuable institutional knowledge.

Getting Started with Viva Topics

If you’re looking to get your organisation set up with Viva Topics, reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to help you with the process.

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