Microsoft 365 Team and Site Provisioning

What is Microsoft 365 Team and Site Provisioning?

Provisioning is a structured process of creating Microsoft Teams teams and SharePoint sites within the Microsoft 365 environment. New sites are created automatically in accordance with the organisation’s own data, security and governance policies.

What is a provisioning engine?

A provisioning engine is a piece of software, hosted in the cloud, which manages Microsoft 365 team and site provisioning on behalf of your organisation.

What are the advantages of using a provisioning engine?

A provisioning engine, like Proven by CompanyNet, helps you prevent site and team sprawl, and spot any potential security or governance challenges before they become a problem.

Introducing Proven – the expert provisioning engine for Microsoft 365

Proven is a new approach to provisioning. It helps keep your digital workplace in great shape, and frees up your administrators’ time to focus on what matters.

Office 365 Legal case management

There are now all kinds of ways to collaborate on Office 365 – such as Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Team and Communication sites.

But that variety and choice means your Office 365 administrators are facing a challenge keeping on top of your digital estate.

Even simply deciding what type of workspace to provision can be tricky.

SharePoint Custom Forms

These are questions that Office 365 by itself doesn’t answer, which is where third-party provisioning tools usually come in. For example:

  • How do we roll-out? – App by app? Switch it all on?
  • Who looks after what? Support, training?
  • Who manages security and compliance?
  • Self-service? Self-management?
  • How do we keep it ‘Evergreen’?

Solving the Challenge of Microsoft 365 Site and Team Provisioning

We know there are several provisioning solutions out there which make the creation and management of digital workspaces easier.

But, once deployed, these tools usually need an in-house expert to actually use and maintain them and make the investment a success.

At CompanyNet, we think there is a better way – a blend of expert managed services and provisioning tools we call ‘Proven’.

Proven puts our experienced team’s advice and specially-developed, proprietary toolset in your admins’ corner. It comes in three parts:

Rather than using complex or daunting forms, we give you a friendly bot to help take your users through the provisioning process;

We provide an expert managed service, including one-to-one support for any questions you might have, and

powerful dashboard that give you instant, actionable insights into the shape of your Office 365 estate.

Through this service, we hope to help businesses change the way their Office 365 tenants are managed for the better, making administrators’ lives easier while helping to drive digital transformation.

SharePoint Online Provisioning Service

Our small, friendly team has some of the UK’s most experienced and knowledgeable experts in digital workplaces, new ways of working, and change management.

We’ve poured that knowledge and experience into Proven.

Get in touch with our friendly team now:

The CompanyNet Team

The CompanyNet team has more than 20 years’ experience of creating Microsoft digital workplaces that really work.

We’re a tight-knit team that delivers results for customers including Scottish Water, Mencap, the Student Loans Company, Walt Disney, Tesco Bank, the Scottish Housing Regulator and many more.

We’re always keen to discuss whether we can help you get more out of Office 365.

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