Office 365 Professional Services

Drive true value for money from your Office 365 investment and realise its full potential with CompanyNet’s selection of Microsoft Professional Services.

Professional Services for Microsoft 365

Office 365 Professional Services
Office 365 Professional Services

Office 365 offers a powerful set of tools to enable new ways of working. But harnessing that power to meet your business needs can be a challenge on your own. Let CompanyNet’s Professional Services team help you make the most of your investment in the platform.

From discovery to design, development and delivery, we’re here to meet your end-to-end Office 365 Professional Services needs. Whether you need help matching Office 365 applications to business processes, discovering how best to combine Office 365 tools, or simply learning how to enable successful Office 365 adoption among your staff, our team has you covered.

Enterprise Collaboration and Communication

Your employees can enjoy secure, enterprise-grade collaboration, communication and productivity with Office 365.

An ever-expanding galaxy of powerful business apps, backed by Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud, Office 365 brings true cloud productivity to organisations of every kind.

Office 365 Professional Services
Office 365 Professional Services

The promise is that Office 365 will change how your team works for the better… but the question is: where do you start? Whether you are taking your first steps into Office 365, have implemented it but aren’t happy with the results, or know you can achieve much more, CompanyNet’s team of experts is here to help.

We’ve chosen to focus our entire business on delivering great Office 365 results for businesses of all types – from household names to local organisations, across the public, private and third sectors. Just as Office 365 can enable businesses of any size and in any sector to get more done, so CompanyNet is committed to helping every business get the most out of the platform.

Office 365 Apps

Office 365 Professional Services
Office 365 Professional Services

Microsoft Office has long been the standard for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. But Office 365 is so much more than Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

It’s Microsoft Teams, for creating true online collaboration and enabling new ways of communicating. It’s SharePoint Online, for sharing information and creating deeply-integrated intranets, extranets and portals. It’s Yammer, for building communities and sharing tacit knowledge. It’s Power Platform, for delivering business apps and business process automation that will put you ahead of the competition. Every element of Office 365 can come together to help your business communicate, collaborate, grow and thrive.

You may be getting started with Office 365, or you may be interested in what the future holds. We can demonstrate the ‘Art of the Possible’ across the board, from the basics of Microsoft Teams to automating tasks with artificial intelligence with Power Platform.

Office 365 Digital Workplace

Office 365 lets you create the ultimate digital workplace, using unified technologies that are easy to use and work together seamlessly.

We have developed frameworks and change management techniques that will help take you, step-by-step, through the process of adopting more of Office 365. From CompanyNet’s experience gained through hundreds of engagements with people like you, we know that it’s not a case of just turning things on.

Our processes will ensure your people successfully adopt and continue to use more and more of Office 365. This toolset provides an unmatched opportunity for your organisation to integrate its communication, collaboration and business processes. At CompanyNet, we recognise that the enormous scope of Office 365 can be daunting.

Office 365 Collaboration

Fundamentally, most organisations have the same basic requirements from a cloud platform: communication, collaboration, and enabling new ways of working. We all want to create a more satisfying employee experience that simplifies tasks and lets people get more done.

On paper, Office 365 ticks all the boxes. Whatever your size and type of organisation, the platform encourages and develops modern ways of working. You can enable your staff to communicate and collaborate through the groundbreaking Microsoft Teams platform from any device and any location.

Thanks to co-authoring, multiple people can work together on the same document. And with technologies like SharePoint Online and Yammer, you can bring people together to share knowledge like never before.

Office 365 Security

Microsoft’s security offering is second-to-none. By moving to Office 365 in the cloud, you can be confident that your information is safe, backed by the full capability of the world’s leading security experts.

The security and compliance features built into Office 365 not only meet global security standards, but take care of the ever-changing compliance landscape too.

If regulations like GDPR and the Public Records Act matter to you, Office 365 has you covered. Your data will be secure and compliant without impacting on your day-to-day efficiency.

If your security needs are more complex, CompanyNet can help. We have proven experitse in Microsoft Information Protection, sensitivity labelling, and the wider Office 365 security and compliance sphere.

Office 365 Consultancy

CompanyNet is a longstanding Microsoft Gold Partner. We’ve been working with Office 365 since it was introduced, and more recently we have completely aligned our business to delivering on the platform’s promise. Office 365 offers almost endless possibilities, and we’re committed to applying our knowledge and experience to choose the best configuration for your business. We’ll work hard to understand your organisation in order to help you get Office 365 right.

We are happy to work with organisations at any stage in their Office 365 journey. You may have just embarked on implementing Office 365. You may want help developing a clearer picture of the tools available. Or you may have the fundamentals in place and be looking towards more innovative and futuristic aspects like business automation and artificial intelligence. The CompanyNet team has experience across the board, and we’re here to help you get the job done.

Discover, analyse and understand

Our friendly business analysts will spend time with you to discover and understand your business needs, people and processes.

Locate your business on the Office 365 journey

We’ll figure out where you are on your Office 365 journey, and – crucially – spot whether you’ve missed any vital steps.

Engage and adopt

Once you’ve got the fundamentals in place, we can plan for engagement and adoption of Office 365, tailored to your needs.

Monitoring and continuous improvement

We’ll then help you monitor Office 365 uptake, and keep your team on track with the latest developments so you remain ahead of the curve.

Office 365 Business Analysis and Design

Investing in Office 365 is a big deal for any business. It represents a significant investment – not just in financial terms, but in terms of time and effort. With our help, you will turn that investment into real business transformation. Productivity, collaboration and communication will all benefit as you successfully introduce new ways of working.

Our Business Analaysis and Design Professional Service helps get you on the path to achieving the full potential of Office 365. We will get to know your business, its processes and its people. It’s our aim for the CompanyNet team to work closely alongside yours: we’re proud to say we have developed many successful, longstanding relationships with customers who regard us as an extension of their own team.

Having developed a clear picture of your business, we’ll develop a strategy and plan for how best to configure Office 365 to meet its needs. While we have created common frameworks to guide your Office 365 journey, developed over many engagements with organisations like yours, the way we apply them is individual to each customer. We’ll use them to select the approaches that best fit your business’s specific requirements.

Office 365 User Research

Technology only makes up part of the solution. In order for the succesful adoption of Office 365, it’s vital to understand how your staff work with Office 365. To that end, CompanyNet has extensive capabilities for researching and understanding user behaviour and developing the employee experience. We will engage with your people and see your business processes from their point of view.

In addition to processes, we’ll create a model of your business information structure. Combined with an understanding of how your staff manage their data, we’ll ensure your documents and key business information occupies an information architecture that boosts findability across Office 365.


We will identify where content should be held in Office 365 toolset (for example, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint or Yammer)


We will create an information architecture that reflects employee mental models and grows with your business


We will ensure groups, permissions and access levels are set appropriately to safeguard your business data


We will put appropriate security measures in place to guard against data loss and outside threats

Office 365 Adoption and Change Management

The biggest challenge many organisations face with Office 365 is that of adoption. Moving to Office 365 isn’t just a technology change: it often requires a change of mindset towards new ways of working. CompanyNet has developed frameworks and techniques to help your business achieve the successful adoption of Office 365, rooted in tried-and-tested change management techniques like Prosci. Wherever you are on the Office 365 journey, we can help.

Adoption is about more than just turning technologies on and letting users access them. It’s about inspiring users to use the new technology, helping them understand the benefits, and equipping them with the skills to make the most of it.

CompanyNet has implemented successful digital workplaces, built on Office 365, for many organiastions. Our Professional Services team has plenty of real-world experience of getting users excited about the changes, demonstrating how the platform will make their working lives easier, and training them to use it.

Our Office 365 user training can take the form of familiarisation workshops, informal knowledge sharing through platforms like Yammer, drop-in sessions, written and video training materials, and direct one-to-one user support. Where appropriate, we can also provide ‘VIP’ telephone support for your senior management team during the transition to Office 365.

Office 365 Security, Information Protection and Governance

The challenge to organisations

When it comes to data, complexity, costs and risks are increasing.

90% of organisations feel vulnerable to insider risk.

That includes concerns about excessive access privileges, more devices with access to sensitive data, and the increasing complexity of IT.

Worldwide, more than 200 regulatory updates are issued every day.

It’s hard to keep on top of change. How can you be sure you remain compliant across the board?

1,175 trillion gigabytes of data will be generated each year by 2025.

The solution to managing this data must be a technological one – but how do you know where to start?

Let CompanyNet be your trusted partner to help you navigate the Office 365 security and compliance challenge.

The volume and value of data we deal with every day is having a profound impact on everyone’s lives. Individuals, organisations and regulators are all keenly aware of the data we generate and the need to protect it.

With an ever-changing regulatory landscape, information protection is now everyone’s concern, and there’s no room for risk or mistakes. Managing this data overload can be complicated, and many struggle with compliance. Fortunately, there’s an answer.

Office 365 comes with intelligent risk-management and compliance solutions built-in. CompanyNet are experts in Microsoft 365, and we will help you efficiently and effectively manage your information and ensure total regulatory compliance.

CompanyNet will help you achieve security and compliance without losing sight of efficiency.

Office 365 Compliance

CompanyNet will help you simplify compliance and reduce risk. Our expert team will assess, improve, and monitor your compliance in line with key regulations like GDPR and the Public Records Act.

We will make sure you’re retaining the things you’re obliged to retain – and deleting anything you’re not, reducing the risk of future liability. Through your Office 365 licenses, you already have access to world-class compliance technologies. And where there are any gaps, we have our own complaince tools to ensure total coverage.

Office 365 Information Protection

By tailoring your Office 365 environment, we will improve the way your organisation manages its data, making sure it is properly protected.

The world is quickly moving away from traditional, established channels like email to new platforms with new security challenges. CompanyNet are experts in Microsoft Teams, and we will make sure your staff can communicate and collaborate in a secure and compliant way.

We’ll also assess and refine your processes, policies and procedures to better protect and govern your data, anticipating and defusing any future challenges.

When it comes to information protection, we believe in providing peace of mind without impacting your day-to-day work. In short, we believe that your organisation’s security doesn’t have to come at the cost of its efficiency. The solutions we provide will silently protect your team and your organisation against accidental data loss, oversharing and malicious actors while they focus on what really matters. We’ll make sure your information protection and compliance efforts are effective without getting in the way of your staff doing their jobs.

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We’d be very happy to discuss how our Professional Services team can make your Office 365 experience more efficient, more satisfying, and more cost-effective.

Drop us a line today and we can talk through your requirements and figure out where CompanyNet’s friendly, independent team can help.

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The CompanyNet Team

The CompanyNet team has more than 20 years’ experience of creating Microsoft digital workplaces that really work.

We’re a tight-knit team that delivers results for customers including Scottish Water, Mencap, the Student Loans Company, Walt Disney, Tesco Bank, the Scottish Housing Regulator and many more.

We’re always keen to discuss whether we can help you get more out of Office 365.

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