Office 365 Administration and Governance

Are you concerned that your organisation’s Office 365 isn’t configured appropriately, or could be used more effectively? Our team of experts will give you the confidence that your Microsoft tenant is configured properly, and that you’re taking advantage of the right features for your users and business needs.

Office 365 Administration and Governance
Office 365 Administration and Governance

How can Office 365 help my business?

Organisations who use Office 365 have often chosen the service to provide traditional capabilities such as Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) and email (Exchange Online) for users.

This is practical and cost-effective approach to software procurement, however there are many more capabilities within Office 365 which can be exploited to provide additional value within the subscription.

Many of these services and workload are not relevant to every organisation. A key area which does apply to most however, is improving collaboration and supporting remote / home working for users.

Office 365 Administration and Governance
Office 365 Administration and Governance

Does your organisation’s technology support flexible working?

As a public cloud-based service, Office 365 is perfectly positioned to support the remote working needs of an organisation.

This is achieved by allowing secure, controlled access to files, collaboration and communication tools to users and guests from any location or device.

By successfully enabling these modern workloads, the technology platform is no longer a barrier to supporting flexible working for users, whilst still meeting information compliance requirements.

Does your operational team need assistance?

Managing Office 365 effectively may require a different operational approach to traditional IT Systems and Platforms.

This may be a new challenge for internal IT or security teams, especially if they lack experience of cloud platforms and governance.

Some organisations deal with this by treating Office 365 as if it were ‘on premise’ and strictly lock down the platform, restricting access and disabling features. Taking this approach is problematic for several reasons. Firstly, Office 365 is an evergreen service which constantly evolves with no way to opt out of updates. Next controlling things in this manner, potentially removes many benefits of using a cloud solution in the first place.

Office 365 Administration and Governance
Office 365 Administration and Governance

Our recommendation would always be to approach Office 365 on the principal that it is a secure platform which supports any modern, flexible working needs.

Managing this platform effectively requires understanding what the business requirements are around information management, security, and user/device access. Office 365 can then be configured to meet these policies.

The outcome is an Office 365 tenant which is available to support flexible user demands but it also secured, compliant and manageable.
A potential challenge to this route if is internal IT teams do not have the experience or capacity to advise on the most appropriate Office 365 configuration for the organisation.

This is where CompanyNet’s Administration and Governance Service can help.

What you gain from the Office 365 Administration and Governance Service

CompanyNet are experts in Microsoft Office 365 and have a wealth of experience in helping our customers to exploit their Office 365 subscriptions to benefit the organisation.

By purchasing our Office 365 Administration and Governance Service, you can leverage CompanyNet’s expertise to have confidence that your tenant is proactively monitored and configured appropriately. This allows existing operational teams to focus on the important business-critical activities without taking on additional work.

The Office 365 Administration and Governance Service will help you answer the following questions:

Are we managing Microsoft Teams and SharePoint site creation effectively and avoiding sprawl?

Do we have consistent governance such as naming convention, owners, and expiry/archiving?

Are sharing settings and guest access being managed?

Are we able to meet information regulations such as GDPR?

Is our information being secured and retained appropriately?

Could we leverage data-loss prevention, conditional access, or device management effectively to protect our information?

Could we make better use of Office 365 services by adopting services which are currently being used?

How it works

The service will be procured as a monthly retained service and we have a standard approach to what is included. The required outcomes will be tailored to each customer depending on priorities.

This will typically commence by us reviewing the existing configuration and what you are seeking to achieve in the short & medium term around using Office 365. This lets us establish a baseline and understand which is important to you.

We will regularly review and analyse the usage and reporting data on your tenant and highlight where input is required, or action needed.

Access to our team of Office 365 experts is also provided, so that any questions or queries can also be answered and provide additional benefit.


Our Administration and Governance service allows forward-thinking organisations to fully leverage the Microsoft Office 365 services they are operating, managing the risks around security and information, without over-burdening their internal technical and operations teams.

CompanyNet always strives to offer our customers superb value for money, and will tailor pricing to your organisation’s size and needs.

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