Office 365 Managed Services

Our Managed Services offerings help you ensure your Office 365 environment is in the best shape it can be to serve your business needs.

The power of Microsoft 365

Office 365 Managed Services
Office 365 Managed Services

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive, cloud-based service that delivers a full range of productivity and security capabilities to organisations of all sizes. It includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Microsoft 365 is a great choice for organisations that want a single, cloud-based solution for productivity and security. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for collaboration, communication, and security, and it can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Office 365 Managed Services

CompanyNet has broad and deep experience working with organisations of all types and sizes, from international household names to small local charities. We recognise that implementing Microsoft 365 without expert advice can be a huge challenge, whatever size your business is.

No matter what challenges you face, you can trust that CompanyNet will help you overcome them – and take your Office 365 experience to the next stage. Our friendly, expert Managed Services team has the know-how, experience and tools at hand to make your job a lot easier.

From migration to monitoring, security to support, our Managed Services team is here to give you control of Office 365 and make it work properly for your business. As a leading Microsoft Gold Partner, we have absolute confidence that we can help you get the very best from the platform and achieve a fantastic return on your investment.

Our service includes full operational support for Office 365, and we are happy to either act as a third-line back-up for your own IT team or to provide direct desktop support to your end users. There is also the option of 24/7 support if required.

Office 365 Challenges

Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online tenants bring with them a unique set of opportunities, but also a unique set of challenges. Once you’ve got your Office 365 environment up and running, most organisations find there is still a host of issues to contend with, such as:

Making sure your environment continues to meet the changing needs of your business

Ensuring that the business-critical services your staff rely on are continuously available

Keeping your technical team up-to-date with the ever-changing Office 365 landscape

We are a small but agile business with extensive expertise in helping organisations of all sizes get the most out of their Microsoft 365 environment. We work with household names across the public and private sectors, helping them ensure Office 365 continues to meet their needs in every respect.

As a longstanding Microsoft Gold Partner, we have chosen to focus our expertise in the complete Office 365 experience. Our Office 365 Managed Services team will help you ensure you are in control of Office 365, that it is calibrated to your needs, highly-available and efficient. We’re also that there are no nasty surprises waiting around the corner.

Our Managed Services team offers end-to-end coverage of the Office 365 experience, including migration, monitoring, administration and governance, security and information protection, and support.

What can I gain from Office 365 Managed Services?

Develop actionable insights into your Office 365 environment

Achieve and maintain alignment with Microsoft’s roadmap for Office 365

Gain assurance that your Office 365 tenant is configured correctly

Save money by ensuring your business is not over- or under-licensed

Keep your team up-to-date and following Microsoft best practices

Realise the true potential of Office 365 for your business needs

Expert monitoring and maintenance of your Office 365 environment

Support and training to keep your team ahead of the pack

Tenant Administration Health Checks for Office 365

CompanyNet offers powerful, in-depth Microsoft 365 Health Checks, as well as a separate Microsoft Teams Health Check. These let you identify how your environment is currently being used, spot any issues before they become problems, and make truly informed decisions about where to take your Office 365 experience next.

They are a great place to start on your journey with CompanyNet. Our team will run diagnostics on your Office 365 platform, while fully maintaining the integrity and security of your platform. From there, our team of expert Office 365 analysts will prepare reports, benchmarks and advice on next steps. We will pick up on whether anything is missing, or if anything looks unusual or out-of-place.

We also have a separate Health Check available which specifically focuses on Microsoft Teams. We know that the Coronavirus crisis forced many organisations to implement Microsoft Teams at incredibly short notice. Alternatively, you may have taken longer to implement Teams, but are finding that it is still not achieving your business objectives. Our Microsoft Teams Health Check will identify whether your environment has been configured correctly, and spot potential issues, such as external users with too much access. It delivers a great degree of insight into Teams and how your business is using it, and is available at an affordable, fixed price.

Microsoft 365 Partner

Office 365 Managed Services
Office 365 Managed Services

When it comes to our customer relationships, the CompanyNet team are highly proactive. We will help you prepare for the future with our ‘Evergreen’ approach, ensuring that you are well-equipped for whatever changes and new features Microsoft brings online.

Unlike many of the ‘big boys’, we don’t aim to create a dependent relationship; rather, we want to equip your team to become as self-sufficient as you choose. We believe that, by equipping you with the tools and training to do the job, we can all focus on what comes next.

Through a combination of our Office 365 Managed Services offerings, you will gain a robust, future-proof approach to Office 365 that will stand you in good stead for many years to come.

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The CompanyNet team has more than 20 years’ experience of creating Microsoft digital workplaces that really work.

We’re a tight-knit team that delivers results for customers including Scottish Water, Mencap, the Student Loans Company, Walt Disney, Tesco Bank, the Scottish Housing Regulator and many more.

We’re always keen to discuss whether we can help you get more out of Office 365.

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