Microsoft Viva Learning

Discover how the Microsoft Viva module Viva Learning fosters career growth and personal development while in the flow of work.

What is Viva Learning?

Viva Learning is a learning platform which seamlessly incorporates education and personal development into the flow of work. By adding a learning tab to Microsoft Teams channels, you can easily search and share content, collaborate with colleagues, track progress, discover personalised learning suggestions and more.

An example of how Viva Learning will look in your Microsoft Teams environment

Viva Learning is designed to motivate employees to upskill, share ideas, and continuously develop their personal growth within the company. Having a digital learning environment within Microsoft Teams makes it easier for employees to access and share resources, discover new content, and learn collaboratively without interrupting workflow.

Key Features of Viva Learning

Personalised Development

You can benefit from a personalised learning plan via My Learning, where content and tasks are tailored around you. Courses can be organised by adding them to your Outlook calendar, with weekly suggestions and learning prompts to help you keep on track of your personal development.

Social Learning

Learning through Viva Learning is a social and synergetic process which engages the individual as well as the team. Create collaborative learning spaces by adding a ‘Learning Tab’ in Microsoft Teams, making it easier than ever for colleagues to share content recommend courses, and partake in peer learning and mentor conversations.  

Content Discovery

Access content from your company, Microsoft or from the learning partners/learning management systems that your organisation chooses to integrate. Discover which content is trending, share featured content with colleagues and receive personalised course recommendations, all from within Microsoft Teams.

Learning Ecosystem

Employ partner integrations and apps into your Viva Learning Ecosystem, with leading solutions from partner communities such as Coursera, Qualtrics and Cornerstone. Integrating partner solutions with your organisation’s Viva modules will enhance your Learning Ecosystem and equip you with all the learning resources they need in one location.

Getting Started with Viva Learning

If you’re keen to find out more about Viva Learning, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help you and your team get set up.

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