Office 365 Case Studies

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 20 years we have seen Microsofts Office 365 product grow and develop in the the heart of the Modern Office that it is today.

Every project we work on includes Office 365 however some have a greater focus on the technologies that sit inside the O365 suite such as SharePoint Online, MS Teams and Dynamics 365. We have selected a few of our more recent Success Stories using Office 365 for you to read.

Office 365 Case Studies

Scottish Water

Office 365 case study
Office 365 case study

Scottish Water is the national water provider for Scotland, serving residents and businesses with more than a billion litres of water every day.

The Situation

Scottish Water was managing legal cases using a specialist platform called Optimum, and another called Documentum for document management. Having already moved to an Office 365 digital workplace, they saw an opportunity to move the document management task to SharePoint document libraries.

This would mean the organisation could take advantage of Office 365’s own document storage and management, making the files an integral part of the new digital workplace. It also presented an opportunity to save money by no longer requiring a separate document management platform.

The Challenge

Files were not simply stored in Documentum, but were associated with legal cases using metadata. Cases raised in Optimum system were being automatically linked to files in Documentum using a reference number. This let Scottish Water staff quickly cross-reference documents with their cases.

CompanyNet was tasked with implementing a similar solution using Office 365’s native SharePoint document libraries, to allow cases to be linked to documents in the future, without losing existing relationships.

The Solution

Using PowerApps, we created a custom form that uses the lookup list of case references as a data source. We then replaced the default SharePoint form on the document library with our richer PowerApps form. This meant the case reference data would be integrated directly into SharePoint, creating a completely seamless employee experience.

As well as the usability benefits of integrating a key part of Scottish Water’s digital estate wholly into the Office 365 platform, the move has meant a tremendous ongoing cost saving for the organisation, with no loss of functionality.

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