Customer feedback report – September 2020


Welcome to CompanyNet’s latest customer feedback report, which we issue twice a year to share the results of our customer satisfaction survey, and to detail how we are acting on them.

In these unusual and sometimes difficult times, we want to ensure that you continue to receive the level of service you have come to expect from us. Your feedback directly informs CompanyNet’s continuous improvement strategy, and it is a privilege to receive your honest survey responses.

We aim to be totally transparent, and will share our successes, shortcomings, and any changes and improvements we make to better meet your needs. Every survey response is reviewed and, where appropriate, acted on; we also use overall trends from our customer survey to discover what we’re doing well, and where there is room for improvement.

I hope you continue to find this six-monthly report a useful window into how we’re performing, and how we continue to improve our service and deliver results despite the challenging global situation.

Andy Hamilton
CEO, CompanyNet

How we are continuing to improve our service

  • At a time when good communication is more important than ever, we will make more regular contact with all our customers to make sure we’re meeting your needs.
  • We have improved the way we keep customers in the loop, providing updates as they happen rather than in a weekly summary. We have also successfully introduced weekly internal reviews of each project to make sure nothing is missed.
  • Our monthly round-up has evolved, with a more easily digestable YouTube video version complementing our fuller blog posts each month.
  • While our team continues to work from home, we have supplemented our weekly all-staff meeting with a shorter, daily catch-up. This ensures there is a high awareness of all ongoing customer projects, and any challenges can be highlighted and resolved quickly.

Your feedback in numbers

We have been running our customer survey since 2017, and shifted to a six-monthly pattern last year. Here are the results for the first half of 2020.

We received survey responses from 13 people representing 7 organisations. This is a slightly lower response rate than our last round of surveys, so we will look to encourage more responses next time. As usual, we only asked one question, asking on a scale of 1 to 10: How well do you feel our engagement has gone?

The average score for this period was 9.5, indicating high satisfaction; we were very grateful to everyone who provided comments, too, which where overwhelmingly positive.

The one outlying ‘5’ score was provided without a comment, and we immediately acted by arranging a meeting with the customer to understand their concerns and resolve any issues.

We will continue to share all our survey results – good and bad – and encourage you to give us a low score or comment if you have genuine problems or concerns. We would always rather know that something was wrong and make it right (and you won’t hurt our feelings!)


While seeing the scores graphed like this is encouraging, we are more interested in actively tracking how the scores change over time, in order to make sure we are improving. We use a system based on the ‘Net Promoter Score’ (NPS) system, the results from which were as follows:

From the graph, you can infer sentiment, how many people responded, and how well we’re performing. It takes into account the views both of ‘detractors’ – those who rated us very low – and of ‘promoters’ – those who rated us highly.

Our NPS continues to go up – this time it is 92 out of a maximum of 100. We’re very pleased with this progress, but we want to make sure this is the experience of everyone with whom we work. Please feel completely free to share any questions or concerns either through the survey, or directly with your contacts at CompanyNet.

Recent feedback comments

You can browse through all the comments we received in the latest feedback surveys below. Identifying information, such as project names, has been removed.

Keeping our team appraised

CompanyNet’s staff are continually kept well-informed about what’s happening with every customer. While not everyone works on every project, we are a small, close-knit company, so it’s very important to us that everyone has a broad knowledge of what’s going on.

We hold an all-company meeting at the start of each week with an update on every customer project. This keeps all CompanyNet staff up to date on what’s happening, and gives them the chance to ask questions or offer their ideas.

When the first COVID-19 lockdown began, the CompanyNet team immediately switched to working from home, and at present, for the most part, we intend to continue working remotely. To ensure the whole team stays in touch, and all our customers continue to receive excellent service, we are holding shorter, daily all-company catch-ups.

Thank you

Thank you again to those who took the time to complete our survey. We hope this report shows how we take genuine action based on the feedback, and that it encourages even more of our valued customers to give us feedback in future. If you have any questions, please drop us a line.

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