Evergreen IT Services for Microsoft 365

Take control and keep pace with the cadence of change in Microsoft 365.

Evergreen IT Services

What is Evergreen IT?

Evergreen IT is where software services are continually kept up-to-date by the software provider. Evergreen IT includes not just user-facing software (like Word), but the systems behind the scenes that keep everything running – all of which are found in the cloud.

What are the benefits of Evergreen cloud software?

Evergreen cloud IT means you are guaranteed to be on the very latest version of the software. This means you have access to the most secure version with the latest features, without having to pay extra – it’s all included in your ongoing software subscription.

What is an Evregreen IT approach?

An Evergreen IT approach is where you are aware of the benefits and pitfalls of Evergreen IT services, and plan appropriately. By working with a trusted partner like CompanyNet, you can have advance notice of what changes are coming, and ensure your business is ready to take full advantage of them.

Introducing Evergreen IT Services

Constant improvement is in Microsoft 365’s nature. We’ll help you master that positive change.

Microsoft 365 changes constantly. The way your organisation uses the platform is evolving and changing, too.

Evergreen IT services from CompanyNet let you take control of your Microsoft 365 experience – and gives you the confidence to plan for what’s next. Our Evergreen IT service will help you:

  • Keep your organisation’s operations at the cutting edge
  • Ensure you are being delivered true value, and
  • Gain continuous access to expert advice and support.

The Challenge of Evergreen IT

Cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 need a new kind of operating model compared with the on-premises software your team may be used to. If not well-managed, the rapid pace of change will have real-world impacts on resources across your organisation.

CompanyNet’s expert team monitors thousands of Microsoft 365 changes each month. We will identify and explain the ones that may impact your business. We’ll support your digital workplace evolution and help answer your questions and challenges, too.

You will become more confident around your business’s use of Microsoft 365, leading to new ways of working. You’ll gain a clear view of what lies ahead, and how you need to act. And you’ll have an expert partner on hand to guide you through any challenges in this brave new world.

Why businesses are moving to Evergreen IT

Microsoft 365 Evegreen IT Services

Many businesses are moving to Evergreen Microsoft 365, transitioning their staff to Windows 10 and opening up access to the suite of products available in Office 365. With that transition complete, the platform becomes part of your core day-to-day operations. At that point, it’s vital that the right operational processes and roles are in place to manage Microsoft 365 on an ongoing basis.

Cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 need a different kind of operating model compared with the traditional, on-premises services your team may be used to. This is because cloud vendors manage updates in a new way, with features and services being launched, updated and retired constantly. On the plus side, this means your software and underlying systems are always up to date. But, if not well-managed, the rapid cadence of these changes can have a serious impact on both the technical and the business resources in your organistaion.

Preparing for change in Microsoft 365

Evergreen Microsoft 365
Evergreen Microsoft 365

Change is in the nature of Microsoft 365, so you should expect and prepare for a significant level of change as part of your operations. In addition, you can also expect the depth and breadth of your organisation’s usage of the platform to evolve and change. If you are facing these challenges, CompanyNet’s ground-breaking ‘Evergreen’ support offer can help you manage the complexity and get the most out of Microsoft 365 and keep it always up to date.

When you invest in CompanyNet’s Evergreen Microsoft 365 service, we will become your go-to partner for a range of activities. We’ll support your digital workplace’s evolution, help answer your questions and challenges, and ensure you derive real business and technical value from the platform.


We will help your business establish the right operational processes, based on our tried-and-tested approach.

Advice and support

We will advise and support your Operations team on the successful operation of the Microsoft 365 platform.

React and adapt

We’ll provide knowledge and guidance to ensure you can react and adapt to the high cadence of change.

What to expect from Evergreen for Microsoft 365

We’ll be proactive, continually assessing changes being made to Microsoft 365 against your own business requirements. In addition, we’ll bring an external view of what other, similar organisations are doing, and share examples of best practice.

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we are heavily invested in Microsoft, and have deep links within the Microsoft ecosystem. We will look over the horizon at changes that are yet to be formalised or announced, giving you ample time to consider and prepare for the future.

We will be on hand to answer questions like “How do I..?” and “I’d like to…”, both from the technical and business areas of your business. We can optionally participate in your internal discussions, driving the conversation around Microsoft 365, giving guidance and recommendations, and helping your team understand the benefits.

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Augment your capabilities

With our Evergreen service for Microsoft 365, we’ll augment your team, giving you access to our Subject Matter Experts and deep technical expertise. We will be available to answer your questions on live issues affecting your business, and complex questions about using the Office 365 platform to meet your organisation’s needs.

For example, we’ll be on hand to answer your questions on security and privacy issues like Azure Information Protection (AIP), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), retention and labelling; on governance and provisioning; best practices for Office 365, Microsoft Teams setup and more. You will be much better prepared to mitigate emerging security risks and ensure your business is in the best possible position.

Get in touch

Are you ready to find out more? An Evergreen Service for Microsoft 365 ensures your organisation continues to get real value for money from your Microsoft licences. Get in touch with our expert team – we’ll be happy to talk through how our Microsoft 365 Evergreen Service can benefit your business.

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