Evergreen IT services for Microsoft 365

Take control and keep pace with the cadence of change in Microsoft 365.

Constant improvement is in Microsoft 365’s nature. We’ll help you master that positive change.

Microsoft 365 changes and improves every day. The way your organisation uses the platform should constantly evolve and change, too.

Evergreen IT services from CompanyNet let you take control of your organisation’s Microsoft 365 experience, giving you the confidence to plan for what’s next.

The Challenge

Old ways of working aren’t well-suited to managing cloud platforms like Microsoft 365. If not well-managed, the rapid pace of change will have real-world business impacts across your organisation.

A new operating model is needed to make the most of this new approach to software licensing and distribution.

Our Solution

CompanyNet’s expert team monitors thousands of changes to Microsoft 365 each month. Armed with a knowledge of your organisation, we will identify and explain the changes that likely to impact your business each month.

We’ll also be available to answer your questions and challenges around the new world of Microsoft 365.

Real Outcomes

With our regular updates and guidance, you and your team will become more confident around your organisation’s use of Microsoft 365.

Your employees will discover new ways of working, and you’ll gain a clear view of what lies ahead in M365. We’ll be your expert partner, helping you successfully navigate this new, Evergreen world.

Stay ahead of change in Microsoft 365.

Let CompanyNet be your go-to partner – an expert guide, helping you driving real value from the platform and encouraging new ways of working.

Organisations like the Scottish Government, the All England Lawn Tennis Club (Wimbledon), Scottish Water, Tesco Bank and Mencap already trust CompanyNet to provide Microsoft 365 services.

With our Microsoft 365 experts augmenting your capabilities, you can give your organisation the chance to develop new ways of working that make the most of your investment in the platform.

You’ll be able to help your employees take advantage of any new features as soon as Microsoft makes them available. And, what’s more, you won’t be caught out by any unexpected changes or challenges.

Understand what’s coming

Microsoft 365 changes constantly. Know what’s coming with access to our monthly, expert-curated overviews.

Embrace new ways of working

With Evergreen IT, you’ll stop chasing last month’s changes and start planning for what comes next.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We hold multiple Microsoft Gold accreditations. Major organisations trust us to help them deliver change.

How we deliver Evergreen IT services

CompanyNet’s Evergreen IT Service provides a focal point for how your team thinks about its organisational use of Microsoft 365.

We can tailor an approach based on your business needs and budget, but a typical engagement could include:

  • A monthly live presentation to key stakeholders in your IT and Business teams. Each month, our M365 experts will share a tailored picture of the upcoming changes that will impact your business – and advise how you should respond.
  • Access to our Evergreen team’s inside knowledge of what’s coming in Microsoft 365. We know how complex the platform can be; we’ll be available by email or on Teams so you can get advice on your M365 challenges.
  • The ability to act with confidence in your response to changes coming from Microsoft, and to engage your wider staff base well in advance. We will augment your team’s capabilities, letting you focus on what really matters.

We are confident that our Evergreen IT service will revolutionise how your organisation works with Microsoft 365, enabling you to look forwards, not backwards.

Take control of change in Microsoft 365 – contact us now to find out more.

Our friendly team will be happy to discuss whether our Evergreen IT service is right for you, and what options might suit you best.

Get in touch with our friendly team now:

The CompanyNet Team

The CompanyNet team has more than 20 years’ experience of creating Microsoft digital workplaces that really work.

We’re a tight-knit team that delivers results for customers including Scottish Water, Mencap, the Student Loans Company, Walt Disney, Tesco Bank, the Scottish Housing Regulator and many more.

We’re always keen to discuss whether we can help you get more out of Office 365.

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