Dispatch from Toronto – WPC 2016

We’ve sent tech journalist Bill Magee to Toronto to report back from Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference. As he heads out, he looks at what lies in store…

Dateline: Toronto

The cream of Scots tech talent has embarked on a fact-finding and networking trip to Silicon Valley North as Canada’s eastern Ontario province is labelled. And they mean business…

As an IT veteran celebrating 20 years successful business operations, CompanyNet is forming the vanguard of the Scottish contingent that is attending Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2016.

Business development manager Brian Douglas told me during the flight out to Toronto that his business visit across the Pond represents a logical fit with their ambitious aims and objectives.

CompanyNet is becoming more expansive beyond its Scottish and UK borders as it brings some interesting new products onto the market, and the networking opportunities at WPC 2016 chimes perfectly with its strategy to drive forward business growth.

As an IT supplier with top-flight credentials and in-depth experience of providing systems to the information management space, CompanyNet works closely with organisations irrespective of the sector in which they operate.

In today’s fast-paced digital era it is all about providing a unified approach to managing data across an entire business during the lifespan of the relationship with a client.

Microsoft’s Country Manager for Scotland, Stephen Grier, is leading the Scots contingent, linking-up with Scottish Development International, and he told me it fits in with the tech giant’s “Digital Blueprint for Scotland.”

The blueprint examines what it might take to empower a world-leading Digital Scotland with an apparently simple message: there is a huge prize to be grasped if the nation can truly commit to this aim by 2030.

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