Introducing PaperPoint – the antidote to the paperless office



The whole world is going paperless, and it’s a vision we’re proud to support.

But we know that some people just aren’t ready to make the leap.

That’s why we created PaperPoint.

PaperPoint is a new concept in business communication that lets change-resistant organisations enjoy the best of both worlds – the paperless and the printed.

Paper view

A cloud-based digital workplace, built on powerful tools like Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, gives you a rock-solid, future-proof collaboration platform.

Adding PaperPoint into the mix lets you retain your business’s lengthy and wasteful tradition of printing off documents.

How does it work?

  • Monitor – PaperPoint monitors your Office 365 cloud-based storage and SharePoint sites, 24 hours a day.
  • Print – When PaperPoint finds a new document, it instantly sends it to your office printer, where it’s beautifully printed and stapled.
  • Collect – Your designated PaperPoint collection staff member will be instantly alerted via Microsoft Skype for Business that there’s a new document to collect and file away, never to be read again.

There’s even the option to print out the whole document every time it changes – which, in a fast-paced business, could be every few hours.

Looks great on paper

PaperPoint is set to revolutionise the way stuck-in-their-ways businesses use SharePoint.

So, if your business isn’t quite ready to turn over a new leaf, consider PaperPoint – the best way to paper over the cracks in your business.

(And if you are ready to go paperless, get in touch to discover how Office 365, SharePoint and other Microsoft enterprise products can revolutionise your workplace.)

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