Recruitment Agency Terms

We prefer to recruit candidates directly from the market, as this allows us to source the best people for any given role.

It also gives us the most flexibility in choosing our future talent, and means we can offer the best salary possible to candidates.

In the rare event that we need help, we contact only those agencies on our PSL (preferred suppliers list). We have a strong relationship with our PSL agents, and remain committed only to these relationships. So if you are not on our PSL, we request that you do not contact us about potential candidates.

If your recruitment agency would like to be considered for the PSL, please read our Agency Policy Document, which lists our standard terms of engagement.

If, as an agency, you agree to these terms and conditions, please email your completed copy to and we can discuss you joining the PSL at the time of our next review. (If you phone in we will just tell you to follow the above instructions!) Thank you.