Benefits of an intranet for every department

Upgrading to a modern intranet can clear the road ahead for every area of your business.

If you’ve been tasked with delivering a modern intranet for your organisation, it’s vital to get buy-in across the company.

The good news is that every department can find their journey made easier by a well-run intranet, such as one built on our Kira intranet platform.

Here are just a few aspects that your colleagues can take advantage of across some key departments.

Benefits to management

An intranet provides a number of valuable tools for senior management.

For a start, it provides a fantastic way to communicate with the whole organisation.

Managers can publish blog posts or news items to quickly and effectively spread the word about new initiatives or developments in the organisation.

They can also monitor sentiment and viewpoints in the business, and easily invite comments, suggestions and feedback on the direction the business is heading.

And with clearly delineated user permissions, sensitive documents and data can be shared and discussed with the only those staff who need to see them.

Benefits to HR

The human resources department can get a lot out of a new intranet, too.

In particular, it means an end to multiple versions of the employee handbook, HR forms and other personnel guidance documents.

Employees will always be able to access the latest version of these documents, and updating them is as easy as uploading the latest version.

The ability to publish information, either to the whole company or targeted at a particular area of the business, means HR can keep everyone informed about what’s going on.

And instant feedback, in the form of page ratings and comments, can be really valuable to HR staff too in spotting what’s popular or what could become a challenge.

Benefits to Marketing

A good intranet has a role to play in transforming your business’s internal communications.

Marketing staff can use the intranet to provide updates on recent successes, communicate information such as style and branding guidelines, and promote internal events.

With publishing controls, you can even encourage staff across the organisation to provide their own content, letting the marketing team review it before it goes live.

This lets marketing staff take on a more editorial role, giving colleagues across the business a chance to participate in content creation without having to cede all control.

Benefits to IT

It’s important to remember that an intranet isn’t just about what you see on the surface.

An intranet won’t be well-run unless it’s being administrated properly.

For the IT department, a high-quality intranet such as Kira removes the headaches caused by less-modern or legacy systems.

Intuitive yet powerful control over user groups and permissions ensures each employee has an appropriate
level of access to sites, documents and editing tools.

And, by running your intranet on the Office 365 cloud platform, maintenance and upkeep of hardware becomes a thing of the past for technical staff.

Start your own journey

Of course, these are just some of the benefits your team can get out of a modern intranet.

Find out more about the features and benefits of our Kira intranet accelerator, or drop us a line if you’d like to discuss the advantages of your own Kira intranet.

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