Digital transformation in action at WPC 2016

Business tech journalist Bill Magee reports from Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, where big changes are predicted to be afoot…

A telling remark from an AT&T senior executive here at Microsoft WPC 2016 during an exclusive Press/Analyst partner Q&A brings into sharp focus the unprecedented impact that the Internet of Things will have on the workplace.

Mobeen Khan, their AVP Industrial IoT Solutions, said practically every business is studying how to obtain more intelligence out of their remote assets together with improving their management and health across the supply chain.

As IoT gains more traction, improving operational efficiencies within an organization is vital to all of this digital transformation: “It is these operational efficiencies that are going to change a lot of the jobs of employees,” he warned. So best to be prepared.

Earlier, Cyril Perducat, EVP Digital and iOT at Schneider Electric, stressed that in his realm, that of services, digital transformation covers everything from analytics, mobility, connectivity and the cloud. Crucial to each of these key areas has to be providing new value for the customer.

Kelly Malone, VP at Taqtile, who have created a HoloLens-based experience for PGA Tour, explained how the utilization of such an advanced VR/AR tool was leading to a quite fascinating new realm of visualization for the golfer, coach, caddy, broadcaster and fan, not forgetting the PGA folks.

What all three organisations have in common is how they are each creating win/win digital outcomes for what are often complex partnerships and deals.

Who says Digital Transformation cannot be kept simples!

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