Take control of provisioning with our Microsoft 365 Provisioning Masterclass!

Are you worried that your Microsoft tenant is growing arms and legs?
Do you feel like you need a better grip on the teams, channels and groups that your users are creating?

If you’re ready to take control of Microsoft 365 provisioning at your organisation, join us on Thursday 1st September at 11:30am (BST) for our Microsoft 365 Provisioning Masterclass!

Microsoft 365 provisioning

Our webinar will feature an in-depth demo from our Microsoft Cloud expert speaker, Dave Campbell, who’ll be discussing the best approaches to manual governance. Our Microsoft 365 specialist, Paul McGonigle, will also be providing a show and tell session around the best third-party engine to use for Microsoft 365 team and site provisioning. At the end of the webinar, there will also be a Q&A where you’ll be able to pitch any further questions to our team of experts.

Optimising your Microsoft 365 provisioning

Here at CompanyNet, we’re experts in Microsoft 365 Team and Site Provisioning, having helped plenty of our customers get a better grip of provisioning at their organisation by providing efficient and powerful provisioning solutions. We believe a blend of expert managed services and our provisioning tool, ‘Proven’, is the best method for achieving provisioning success.

To help you optimise your Microsoft 365 provisioning environment, our experts will be focusing on these areas in the webinar:

Best tools & options for provisioning

You may already be considering using a third-party provisioning engine but you may be unsure where to start. Our experts will provide you with all the info around the best tools and options for a more uniformed approach to provisioning.

Preventing security & governance issues

Getting provisioning wrong can lead to more than just ‘sprawl’ – it can become a security risk. We’ll teach you the best practices for manual governance and explain how provisioning tools like Proven can prevent further security/governance risks.

Provisioning workspaces

Deciding which workspace to provision can be tricky and administrators may face challenges around managing digital estates. During the webinar, our experts will guide you through the best solutions for provisioning sites, teams and groups.

Who is this webinar aimed at?

This webinar is ideal for senior IT staff, CIOs and Microsoft tenant administrators – however, we welcome anyone who’s interested in learning more about Microsoft 365 provisioning to come along!

How to register

To register your attendance for the webinar, you can sign up for free on our LinkedIn event page via the button below:

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