CompanyNet awarded a place on the Digital Outcomes 6 framework!

We are pleased to announce that CompanyNet has been appointed to the Digital Outcomes 6 framework, solidifying our position as one of the leading technology companies in the UK, and making it easier than ever for public sector organisations across the UK to procure our services.

We have been appointed to every iteration of Digital Outcomes, which was formerly known as the Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework. It also comes hot on the heels of our appointment to the Technology Services 3 framework in 2021, as well as the UK Government G-Cloud, and the Scottish Government’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and Application Design and Development Services (ADDS) frameworks.

What is the Digital Outcomes 6 framework and how does it work?

The Digital Outcomes 6 framework (DO6) is appointed by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and helps to connect buyers in the public sector who are seeking suppliers in the IT industry – such as CompanyNet – to carry out digital projects. This initiative encourages direct engagement between buyers and suppliers, combatting time and cost pressures which are typically associated with procurement.

Suppliers who are listed on the framework are able to respond to and bid on tender opportunities which are posted by buyers on the UK government’s Digital Marketplace. When buyers post tender opportunities, suppliers are initially asked to respond to a shortlisting exercise which involves writing 100-word responses to each of the buyers’ essential requirements. These tender submissions are then scored and if the bid has been successful, suppliers will be invited to Stage 2 of the process where they will be asked to submit a proposal.

What are the benefits of the DO6 framework?

Digital Outcomes 6 Framework

The DO6 framework provides public sector bodies with the opportunity to engage directly with accredited suppliers like CompanyNet. The ability to quickly search and connect with a wide range of buyers has been an effective way of discovering business prospects and forming new partnerships. In fact, £4.2 billion worth of business has been enabled by the framework since 2016.

Naturally, the level of exposure companies receive on the Digital Marketplace has also been an incredible benefit for specialist SMEs. Frameworks like DO6 put SMEs in front of buyers, opening up avenues of business that may not have otherwise existed. Being appointed to frameworks like DO6 also means CompanyNet has gone through a rigorous process and ensures you can have absolute trust in our ability to deliver.

How does the Digital Outcomes 6 framework differ from previous iterations of this framework?

This framework has changed considerably since its initial launch in 2016, and is now known as the Digital Outcomes framework rather than the Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework. The Digital Outcomes framework has essentially become its own entity, building on the more traditional aspects of the DOS. Compared with the preceding framework – DOS5 – which dealt with three Lots, DO6 differs in dealing solely with the single Lot.

CompanyNet’s work with the public sector

CompanyNet has been delivering digital services to public sector bodies across the UK for more than two decades. We’ve worked hard to develop a strong track record in this area of business. We have collaborated with a large number of major public sector organisations over the years, and we pride ourselves on how how our work has contributed to improving their business processes and generated fantastic positive outcomes for their staff and the publics they serve.

If you’re keen to find out more about our work public sector work here, check out our partnership history here.

Public sector partners

A final word

DO6 goes live on Wednesday 10th August, so we are looking forward to what’s to come with this new appointment! We intend to strengthen existing relationships, expand our reach within the public sector and continue to generate exciting new business opportunities.

Get in touch today if you’d like to find out more about the work that we do and how we can help your organisation achieve more with technology.

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