The changing face of our online presence – 20th Anniversary

We only have images of our website going back to 2000 – but, even so, they give a glimpse into the fast-changing world of the web.

2000-2004: Going green

Our website at the turn of the century might seem very basic (as well as being very green) – but that’s because this is the ‘No Shockwave’ version. Shockwave was the predecessor to Flash, enabling the development of dynamic, interactive websites with animation and sound. During this period, we built Shockwave-powered sites for some customers, including Historic Scotland.

2005-7: Focus on services

Moving with the times, our next site reduced the use of Flash, and expanded the site’s content to share news, case studies and full details of our growing portfolio of services.

2008-10: Rebrand and paring back

Our next change came in 2008, when we rebranded as ‘Experts in Microsoft’, gaining a snazzy new logo and colour scheme in the process. A more minimalistic approach put our services front and centre.

2011-13: Articles and features

The next incarnation of this branding saw a move towards more ‘social’ content, with news and articles appearing on the homepage.

2014: Collective intelligence

Finally, in 2014, our Institute of Internal Communciations award-winning rebrand led to the creation of a new website. The new site reflected our maturity as a business and our focus on ‘collective intelligence’. This went on to influence the development of the website we use today, which was launched the following year.

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