Advisory Panel appointed by CompanyNet

As a technology company, CompanyNet is always looking forward. Our team’s constant innovation means we keep pace with the way people work – as well as the continual stream of changes from Microsoft.

However, even in the IT world, it’s vital that innovation is backed by hard-won experience and real-world perspective. To that end, we have benefited from working with our advisors individually and now we are creating our new CompanyNet Advisory Panel.

Who are the Advisory Panel?

Made up of four business experts bringing independent expertise, members of the Advisory Panel have helped us build and grow CompanyNet consistently and will help us do even more in the coming years.

They provide smart insight and relevant connections, and help us to continually evaluate our direction of travel, ensuring we continue to deliver the very best services to our customers.

(Clockwise from top left: James Henderson, Brian Millhouse, David Speirs, Iain McIntyre)

The new Advisory Panel comprises:

  • Brian Millhouse, our Chairman, has long experience in finance and business-building. He is deeply connected to the business scene, and is always prepared to challenge business decisions and offer new perspectives.
  • Iain McIntyre, a  UK public sector expert, who has an intimate understanding of public sector thinking, frameworks, procurement and change management. Following more than 25 years in the public sector, Iain most recently retired as our Public Sector Director.
  • James Henderson, a Microsoft enterprise and licensing expert who knows the Redmond software giant like the back of his hand. James is a former Microsoft Partner Manager and Client Director, and we have worked closely with him to deliver better licensing and cost savings to our customers for more than a decade.
  • David Speirs, who has more than 30 years’ experience in IT leadership, and is now an executive partner at Gartner. David has delivered cross-sector transformation and business growth and now provides strategic thinking and a deeper understanding of how the world does business.

The Advisory Panel will provide guidance to our team as we help customers navigate the complexities of people and technology change.

Diverse experience

“As we enter our 25th year in business, our new Advisory Panel will help us to challenge ourselves to keep getting it right for CompanyNet’s customers,” explains CEO Andy Hamilton.

“Between them, the panel has wide and diverse business, technology and strategic experience. I feel fortunate to work with these experts, to tap into their expertise and continue to help guide CompanyNet’s future.”

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