What is Microsoft Purview? 18 data governance and compliance services brought together under one banner

What is Microsoft Purview?

Microsoft Purview is the new name for the software giant’s suite of data governance and data compliance products and services.

What does Microsoft Purview do?

Microsoft Purview incorporates 18 existing Azure Purview products, plus a large swathe of Microsoft 365 services such as Records Management, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention and Microsoft 365 Compliance Center.

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Purview, a new umbrella brand which covers its data governance and data compliance range of products and services.

It’s likely that any new Microsoft products in this space will also be brought into the Microsoft Purview brand. Microsoft views Purview as “a unified data governance service that helps you manage and govern your on-premises, multi-cloud, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data”.

Governance, compliance and records management

As one of the UK’s leading Microsoft 365 governance, compliance and records management providers, CompanyNet has welcomed the news. We believe governance and compliance in Microsoft 365 and Azure has modernised and matured significantly in recent years, and is now ready to supplant legacy records management and governance platforms entirely.

Microsoft Purview comprises a comprehensive set of solutions to help businesses understand, govern, and protect their entire data estate. This rebrand will create a single, clear name that finally brings together the many related tools and services across the platforms.

Going forward, the new Microsoft Purview brand will be used both for new capabilities and for existing products and services. Office 365 eDiscovery, for example, will now be known as Microsoft Purview eDiscovery, while the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center will now be known as the Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal.

Microsoft Purview: the full list of name changes

So what are the 18 products and services Microsoft is bringing together under the new rebrand to Microsoft Purview? Here’s the full list of products and services that are being brought into the Microsoft Purview family:

Old nameNew name
Microsoft 365 Advanced AuditMicrosoft Purview Audit (Premium) 
Microsoft 365 Basic AuditMicrosoft Purview Audit (Standard)
Microsoft 365 Communication ComplianceMicrosoft Purview Communication Compliance
Microsoft Compliance ManagerMicrosoft Purview Compliance Manager
Microsoft 365 Customer KeyMicrosoft Purview Customer Key
Office 365 Customer LockboxMicrosoft Purview Customer Lockbox
Data Loss PreventionMicrosoft Purview Data Loss Prevention
Double Key Encryption for Microsoft 365Microsoft Purview Double Key Encryption
Microsoft 365 Information BarriersMicrosoft Purview Information Barriers
Microsoft Information ProtectionMicrosoft Purview Information Protection
Microsoft Information GovernanceMicrosoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management
Microsoft 365 Insider Risk ManagementMicrosoft Purview Insider Risk Management
Office 365 Message EncryptionMicrosoft Purview Message Encryption
Privileged Access Management in Microsoft 365Microsoft Purview Privileged Access Management
Microsoft data connectorsMicrosoft Purview data connectors
Microsoft 365 Advanced eDiscoveryMicrosoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium)
Microsoft 365 Core eDiscoveryMicrosoft Purview eDiscovery (Standard)
Microsoft 365 compliance centerMicrosoft Purview compliance portal

Microsoft says the new name will help people “meet the challenges of today’s decentralized, data-rich workplace”. In short, it’ll be much easier to identify Microsoft’s 365 governance, compliance, data loss prevention and records management tools and services, as more and more businesses and public sector organisations move away from legacy platforms.

Find out more about Microsoft Purview from the company’s own blog post.

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