Modern apprenticeships: “You’re hired!”

A year after taking on our first apprentice, HR Manager Aisling MacDonnell looks at why it was a fantastic decision.

Modern apprenticeships in the IT sector

One year ago, we took a leap into the unknown – for CompanyNet – and hired our first modern apprentice, Andy Scott. It’s fair to say that we haven’t looked back. Now, in Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we’re very excited to announce that we have been named mid-sized Apprentice Employer of the Year, with Andy coming runner-up for Apprentice of the Year.

Modern apprentices

Back in 2013, Microsoft made a commitment to have a minimum of 2,016 new young apprentices in Scotland by 2016. By launching this initiative, Microsoft took a very clear stance in encouraging employers and young people to embrace modern apprenticeships in the workplace.
We interviewed several great candidates, but Andy’s drive and passion for technology was clear to see from the moment he stepped into the room. His outgoing personality, coupled with his innovative and forward-thinking approach to sector, immediately won us over.

An asset from day one

Andy has been an asset to our organisation from day one. Quick to learn, he has really embraced the opportunities that the apprentice programme has offered him. We’ve been blown away by his organisational skills, attention to detail, professionalism and self-motivation, which have seen Andy progress quickly. He has now joined our team, fulfilling a critical full-time role as our test analyst; not only does this reflect brilliantly on Andy, but also showcases how modern apprenticeships can provide a very realistic jump-off point for a career.


This week, we attended Microsoft’s Modern Apprentice of the Year Awards, where we were very pleased to accept our award for Apprentice Employer of the Year. Regardless of the outcome, though, it’s clear that modern apprenticeships are a ‘win’ for companies and young people alike.

On the back of Andy’s success, we’ve taken on two more apprentices this year. If you’re interested in finding out more about apprenticeships, graduate jobs and a career at CompanyNet, have a look at our careers pages and drop us a line.

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