Office 365 boosts file size limit to 100GB and improves syncing

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Until recently, the size limit for a single file on SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams was a paltry 15GB – about the same as storing 3,000 copies of the Complete Works of Shakespeare in one file.

That has now been increased to 100GB, which is around twice the size of everything on Wikipedia. So if you’ve ever wanted to store an absolutely enormous file in Office 365, you now can.

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The real news behind this announcement is that Microsoft has cracked something called ‘delta syncing’. This is where, when you sync your files with OneDrive or SharePoint, rather than re-uploading the entire file, it only uploads the bits that have changed.

Previously, only Office 365 files (like Word documents) could do this, but now all file types – including huge files like videos and archives – can be ‘delta synced’. That will mean considerable savings on time and bandwidth used uploading and downloading files.

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