Personalised Office 365 results now appear in Bing with Microsoft Search

Personalised Office 365 results are now fully integrated in the standard Bing search, as Microsoft rolls out the brand new Microsoft Search experience.

Microsoft Search will soon be the new search engine integrated across Office 365. It draws together data from SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and even Yammer into one intuitive interface. We believe this is the first time Yammer conversations have been integrated into the wider Office 365 search.

Bing with Microsoft Search

And we’re pleased to say that Kira, our Office 365 intranet platform which enables a well-adopted digital workplace, is the first to integrate the new search experience.

Private, personalised results

If you’re logged into Office 365, then private, personalised results from across your organisation will appear pinned at the top of Bing’s search results. That means you can quickly find information about any aspect of your work, directly from a Bing search. For example, searching for a client’s name will bring up all documents and conversations relating to that organisation:

Likewise, searching for a person brings up their Outlook calendar, your conversations with them, files you’ve both worked, on and more. It’s a fantastic development which means all the information from across Office 365 will finally be in one place. Remember, the results are personalised to you – so don’t worry, your private Teams conversations won’t appear in public search results!

Where does this leave existing search and surfacing tools like Delve? Although there has not been any official word yet, we expect Delve to be retired in the near future. Microsoft will instead focus on the new Microsoft Search experience and Office 365 People Cards, which essentially replace Delve’s functionality (and then some).

Kira integration

Finally, we couldn’t resist sharing the fact that Kira is the first Office 365 intranet product to directly integrate the new Microsoft Search functionality, ahead of the official integration. We’re not going to pretend most people’s first choice of search engine is Bing – so we wanted to provide a way to make it more intuitive to access. Now, Kira users will be able to insert a Microsoft Search box directly into their intranet, enabling content to be surfaced without having to go to Bing. We will make this feature available to our customers shortly.

Because our team is fanatical about keeping Kira aligned with Microsoft’s roadmap for Office 365, we are able to introduce features almost as soon as Microsoft announces them, with no adverse impact on our customers’ intranets – just the good stuff.

Find out more about Kira intranet for Office 365. If you’re interested in getting more out of your organistaion’s investment in Office 365, get in touch with us now. We’ve created highly-adopted digital workplaces for world-class organisations like Mencap, Tesco Bank, Scottish Water and the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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