Apprenticeships in technology – what you need to know

CompanyNet runs a successful apprenticeship programme for people aged 16-24 who want to start a career in technology. Find out what’s in store for this year’s recruits.

It’s a nail-biting few weeks for school pupils all across Scotland as the exam season kicks off. It’s also a time when young people start thinking about their futures, and what comes next.

Over the last few years, CompaynNet has been investing heavily in apprenticeships. We are keen to create and environment where driven young people can realise their potential and kick off their careers in IT. This year, we are giving three people aged 16-24 the opportunity to work with us, and to work towards an SVQ level 3 diploma for Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals.

The SVQ course offers a full overview of the software development process from start to finish. It lets our apprentices learn the best way to interact and build relationships with customers, and offers a fundamental understanding of IT, software development and the infrastructure that supports it.

Professional mentorship

Each apprentice is assigned an individual mentor – someone who monitors their progress, and acts as their first point of call for any challenges. Of course, being a real-life business, our apprentices also get the support and assistance of the full CompanyNet team. Since we became an SQA-certified training centre last year, the mentors assigned to assist our apprentices will also be their assessors, and will help them create and submit their portfolios to the SQA.

Apart from the obvious advantages of learning the trade in a real, working environment, we also offer a competitive salary – well above the minimum wage for apprentices.

Apprenticeships have a lot going for them:

  • You get paid, instead of spending the next decade paying off student loans.
  • You get real work experience, not just the theory.
  • You get the direct benefit of working with experienced colleagues.
  • The chances of a full-time job at the end are greatly increased.
  • Our apprenticeship takes around a year, compared to university courses of 3 or 4 years.

If the traditional education system isn’t your thing, we believe a successful IT career can grow just as well from learning on the job in an IT company instead. We don’t need you to have a perfect academic record, the best grades or a shedload of existing experience. We only ask that you show a strong interest in IT, are hard-working, and have the determination and resourcefulness to learn independently.

A complete experience

Unlike some apprenticeships, our in-house SQA assessors mean candidates can work with their mentor-assessors to use real-life working examples as proof for their assessment portfolio. This minimises the need for simulated tasks, and ensures work isn’t repeated. It also makes sure candidates are recognised fully for their contribution within the workplace.

While in the apprenticeship, we let apprentices try their hand at all areas of the IT business. For the most part, they are based in the support team, where they get the chance to have exposure to all the technologies we use and all the customers we support. We also give them the chance to spend time with each of our teams, letting them find the area that suits them best.

While getting in-house training with our staff, apprentices will also be given access to many other training tools as well as being sent on specialised courses to give them the best start possible. They can take Microsoft exams as well, should they wish to. This contributes significantly to their experience and CV.

Apply now

CompanyNet is investing in our apprentices in order to train successful staff that will stay on with us for years afterwards. Most of our successful apprentices have chosen to stay on with us, and continue to further their education and careers. If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice with CompanyNet, get in touch.

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