CompanyNet awarded place on G-Cloud 13 public sector framework

We’re pleased to say CompanyNet has been selected for the UK Government’s G-Cloud 13 framework.

The news builds on our many successful years of experience providing cloud consultancy and solutions for the public sector, and we’ve previously been awarded a place on every G-Cloud framework from G-Cloud 3 onwards.

G-Cloud 13 lets CompanyNet continue to offer a wide range of services to customers who choose to procure through the Digital Marketplace. These include our user adoption, cloud and technical augmentation services around Microsoft 365. You now browse all our services for the public sector on G-Cloud 13.

Our CEO, Andy Hamilton, said: “CompanyNet has always worked closely with the public sector, and public sector engagements continue to play a key role in our future.

“As a company, we’re driven by the desire to help organisations deliver better, more efficient public services by exploiting new technologies like Microsoft 365 that enable new thinking and new ways of working.

“Our inclusion on G-Cloud 13 reflects our continued commitment to this approach. We really enjoy working with the public sector, and we’re looking forward to more great opportunities to help public sector organisations have a positive impact on the world.”

CompanyNet currently delivers services to longstanding public sector customers including the Scottish Government, the Scottish Housing Regulator, Scottish Water and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Check out CompanyNet’s full offer over on the G-Cloud website.

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