Users flock to new enterprise CRM system for major financial client

One of our major financial sector customers is experiencing unprecedented user adoption of the new CRM system we built for them.

In fact, in the six months since the new solution was launched, they’ve seen the number of staff using CRM quadruple compared to their legacy SalesLogix system.


That astonishing uptake is being reflected in tangible business benefits, with more sales opportunities being created, and management reporting the system is creating a far clearer picture of the sales pipeline.

Baked-in user adoption

The rapid take-up of this new, Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based system was no accident. The collective way we design, develop and deploy systems, in collaboration with staff user groups and business experts, makes sure high user adoption is baked in from the start. High user adoption is the guiding principle for all our Enterprise solutions.

It comes down to CompanyNet’s ‘collective intelligence’ approach. By combining our knowledge of the systems with the customer’s understanding of their business, we collaboratively build a solution that outperforms expectations.

Working with end users from the outset, we create an information architecture that reflects their needs and processes. Existing activities are streamlined and mapped into the new system. And we independently test and verify everything works as expected, not just at the point of delivery, but throughout the development process.

Together, this makes sure the finished product not only reflects the way they work, but actually meets users’ needs. And, through proof-of-concept and tangible pilot programmes, the solution evolves to continue to meet those needs as the business grows.

Meaningful customer relationships

This process has led to satisfaction with the CRM system that’s backed up by hard evidence, in the form of increased sales opportunities and a deeper, more meaningful relationship with customers.

Once a system is deployed, our training and support team steps in. They have a mix of training methods available – from workshops to video training – which they choose to best fit the customer’s needs. This dynamic approach to training, coupled with user investment from the beginning of the project, is creating a real appetite for the new systems we create.

As our customers keep reporting, the whole process ensures our solutions see a greater uptake and better results than their legacy products ever achieved.

A complete solution

For our customer, this is just the start. Dynamics CRM will not only be used for customer contact and developing new business, but is now being extended by us to manage core business processes as the heart of a business-wide Customer Information Management system.

This will incorporate the full lifecycle of client management, with SharePoint and Outlook integration seamlessly enabling interaction with all aspects of client workloads. It’s a significant enhancement of the customer’s investment in Dynamics CRM.

If you’d like further information on how we can help your business, please get in touch with our sales team or call 0131 559 7500.

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