Microsoft 365 Health Checks – what are they and how can they transform your tenant environment?

Many of us have adopted Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams in the workplace in recent times, and they have been something of a saving grace for organisations over the past two years. Whilst Microsoft 365 and Teams have allowed for seamless transitions into remote working, it’s important to ensure that your Microsoft 365 systems are continuing to function to optimal standards.

To ensure that you’re getting the most out of Microsoft 365, we recommend that thorough diagnostics are run on your tenant. Our Microsoft 365 Tenant Admin Health Check will identify any areas for improvement on your Microsoft 365 tenant and offer insight into how to action any remediation actions.

How CompanyNet can help with your Microsoft 365 Health Check

Here at CompanyNet, we are experts in carrying out Microsoft 365 Tenant Health Checks, having been entrusted by companies such as Wimbledon, Scottish Water and Tesco Bank to deliver Microsoft 365 services. We pride ourselves on providing full diagnostic reports and personalised remediation action plans to help you improve the functionality of your Microsoft 365 environment. These checks are carried out on an entirely remote basis and in a prompt fashion, in order to cause as little disruption to your business operations as possible.

How the Microsoft 365 Health Check process works 


Our team of experts gather key information on set up, usage and more when we run our proprietary Microsoft 365 Health Check package on your tenant.


We assess the state of your Microsoft 365 situation and analyse the results, building up a clear picture of the way that your organisation interacts with Microsoft 365.


You receive your full report which gives you a comprehensive overview of your Microsoft 365 environment. Your report highlights what you and your team are doing right and lays out the actions needed to take to improve the quality of your Microsoft 365 package.


You receive a prioritised list of recommendations for remediation to help you action any changes that need to be made. With your agreement, we may implement another round of specialised checks based on our findings, such as for Information Governance if we feel it’s needed.


You will have access to our friendly team of experts who will be happy to support you with your next steps. We will be on hand to guide you through the report, offering advice on how to interpret findings and on how to implement the recommended changes.

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Are Microsoft 365 Health Checks necessary?

The short answer is – yes! Here’s why…

Our report highlights any potential concerns you’re at risk from which enables you to tackle these issues early on. We investigate important areas of your Microsoft 365 tenant, particularly around data and security, including vital aspects such as your security posture and security tool configuration, as well as data protection, data location and data governance.

These checks will help to identify and prevent potential elements of risk to your business.

Which areas are covered?

Your Microsoft 365 Tenant Health Check will cover key aspects of your Microsoft tenant, taking into account:

Security & Compliance

What does your security posture look like? Are you conforming to national guidance?

Data Health

Is your data stored in the right location? How can your data governance be improved?


Are you over-licensed or under-licensed? Could you be saving money?

If you’re ready to take the next step with ensuring your Microsoft 365 tenant is performing to its best, drop us a line today to see how our Health Checks can fit in with your business needs.

Get in touch with our friendly team now:

The CompanyNet Team

The CompanyNet team has more than 20 years’ experience of creating Microsoft digital workplaces that really work.

We’re a tight-knit team that delivers results for customers including Scottish Water, Mencap, the Student Loans Company, Walt Disney, Tesco Bank, the Scottish Housing Regulator and many more.

We’re always keen to discuss whether we can help you get more out of Office 365.

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