Transforming a financial services business with the enterprise Cloud

We’d like to share some future thinking from Barry Smart, IT Director at Hymans Robertson.

Barry Smart

Barry has written a terrific blog post about how this major independent financial firm has embraced the Microsoft enterprise platform to create a thoroughly modern business.

In the post, Barry refers to the Cloud as an “unstoppable force” which businesses can no longer afford to ignore or delay thinking about. He outlines how it is transforming business models and creating new ones, not just in his own sector but across every market.

True transformation

Andy Hamilton, CEO of CompanyNet, says Barry’s blog demonstrates how taking a positive approach to the Cloud can be truly transformative.

“Adopting Cloud-based technologies across a business – even one as complex as Hymans Robertson – is now totally achievable and not only makes day-to-day operations more efficient, but gives you a significant edge over the competition.”

In the blog, Barry also outlines how he built a business case for moving to the Cloud, and how he went through a valuable process of constructing models to demonstrate how potential risks would be managed.

Secure and stable cloud

Andy adds: “Now we are seeing big financial players like Hymans Robertson – who deal with extremely sensitive customer data – becoming confident in the security and stability of Microsoft’s cloud technologies.

“When businesses like this are totally comfortable with a move to the cloud, the excuses for other businesses sticking with the old models become increasingly paper-thin.”

The Cloud has propelled us into an app economy, greatly reducing the market for bespoke solutions. Software as a Service (SaaS) products like our own Kira intranet platform are now beginning to dominate the enterprise market.

Find out more at AIIM

CompanyNet has been working with Hymans Robertson for the last few years to deliver a number of projects.

Most recently, we created an advanced Customer Information Management (CIM) platform, which unites SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Exchange and Outlook to provide a 360 degree view of all interactions across the lifespan of every customer journey.

We’ll be presenting CIM and exhibiting at the AIIM Forum event in London on 22 June, together with Barry Smart and our mutual partners Repstor. You can find out more about this event in our recent news item on AIIM.

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