Default page templates in SharePoint Online

SharePoint site owners will be able to set a default page template for editors adding new and content to a site. They’ll also be able to edit and delete templates from the Template Picker, rather than having to navigate to the templates folder for these actions. Why does this change matter? If you’re already using …

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Move a shared file on OneDrive

You’ll soon have the option to easily continue sharing files when you move them within or between OneDrive and SharePoint.

Reorganise without worrying about previously shared links

Move previously-shared files in OneDrive

Moving and reorganising files is a normal occurrence as we work and projects evolve over time, and we find better ways of organising our files.

Sharing files within Office 365 is helps prevent duplicates and different versions of the same file floating around. Until now, moving files would typically break the existing share links.

Soon you will have the option to easily re-share files with your colleagues by simply clicking a check-box when you move your files. They will receive the updated link with the same permissions they previously had.

This feature will be rolling out from mid-August 2020 and is expected to be completely rolled out by the end of September 2020.

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Introducing Microsoft Lists

We’re looking forward to discovering the ways the new Microsoft Lists app will improve the business processes of our customers using Office 365. Under the hood, Microsoft Lists is an evolution of SharePoint lists – a new way to create, view and manage lists of data. Information published by Microsoft so far shows a promising range of …

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New features in Microsoft Teams for July 2020

With working from home becoming the default during the COVID-19 crisis, Microsoft is continuing to focus on making the Microsoft Teams experience easier and more pleasant.

Participants upped to 300

Soon you’ll find the maximum number of participants in Teams meetings and chats increases from 250 to 300.

If your organisation has any training materials or documentation that reflects the 250 maximum, once this update has been rolled out, you’ll want to update that information.

Channel summaries

Coming in July, you’ll notice a Channel Info icon in the channel header which will open a new Information pane that displays a channel summary.

This will include the channel description, as well as visual indicators for who has recently posted in the channel.

It will also be the new home for any system messages, which we hope will tidy up the General channel where these system messages currently end up.

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